refinance after chapter 13 dismissal

Financing a vehicle after your bankruptcy has been discharged is usually not a problem. But you will find it very difficult to get approved for a car loan if you have a dismissed bankruptcy. We’ve spent the past twenty years, here at Auto Credit Express, helping car buyers with various types of.

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As stated on the FHA site itself, the 2-year waiting period applies to Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges. If your Chapter 13 has been discharged, they’ll loan the next day, and will guarantee loans as soon as after a single year of on-time payments to the bankruptcy plan (with trustee/court approval).

Why am I having a hard time refinancing after bankruptcy? Posted on May 13, The reason for this is because if your chapter 13 case is dismissed before it is completed, those debts are resurrected subject only to any distributions that have been made by the chapter 13 trustee which reduce the.

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After Chapter 7 bankruptcy, (not to be confused with chapter 13 bankruptcy rules) the borrower must wait out the FHA’s minimum "seasoning" period. At the time of this writing, that period is two years plus any additional amount required by the lender.

Hanna said he and his wife declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy on. petitioned the court to dismiss himself from the case, leaving his wife as the sole name in the bankruptcy proceedings. He said it was.

Cannot have had a Chapter 7 discharge in the past eight years or a Chapter 13 discharge in the past six years. Cannot have filed a bankruptcy petition in the previous 180 days that was dismissed.

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The FHA can insure a loan for a borrower after a Chapter 13 discharge if at least two years have elapsed, the borrower has re-established good credit and made all payments on time since the discharge date. The same two-year seasoning rule applies to a Chapter 13 dismissal, as of the date it was dismissed.

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HUD 4000.1 On post-chapter 13 bankruptcy waiting times For A New FHA Loan. The recently-published rulebook for FHA single family mortgages, HUD 4000.1, contains new rules and guidelines for participating lenders, plus rules that have been updated, clarified, or restated from the previous editions of the rules.