Qualified Mortgage Safe Harbor

So Dodd Frank created the Safe Harbor provision of the Qualified Mortgage. If a loan was eligible for purchase by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, or for the loan guarantees by the FHA or VA, then the loan was granted a "Safe Harbor Exception." The Safe Harbor would protect lenders from borrower lawsuits in the event of loan default.

Ability to Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rules ter om Inside mortgage finance webinar QUALIFIED MORTGAGES MATH: SECURING YOUR SAFE HARBOR Background and APOR Considerations and Calculations August 1, 2013 Presented By Donald C. Lampe Partner

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A qualified mortgage that is not deemed to be a "higher-priced" mortgage provides the lender with a safe harbor – the loan is conclusively presumed to comply with the ATR/QM Rule. (If the loan is a "higher-priced" loan, the lender gets a rebuttable presumption of compliance instead of a safe harbor).

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All four of the CFPB's Qualified Mortgage pathways require meeting basic. Under FHA's Qualified Mortgage rule, loans receive a safe harbor if.

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On Aug 31, I wrote about the Qualified Mortgage safe harbor exemption expiring and the original purpose of the Safe Harbor. To refresh memories, the purpose of the Safe Harbor exemption was to allow.

In general, a Qualified Mortgage priced at an interest rate below 1.5% above the APOR receives "Safe Harbor" status, the highest level of protection for compliance with the Ability To Repay Rule. A higher priced Qualified Mortgage that exceeds that rate but does not exceed 3.5% above the APOR, receives a rebuttable presumption of compliance.

So, in essence, there are two types of qualified mortgages: Safe Harbor – Of the two types of QM loans, this one gives lenders the highest level of legal protection. These are lower-priced loans with interest rates closer to the prime rate. They are typically granted to consumers with good credit histories (less risk).

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