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As a rehabber, I’m willing to borrow money at more than the usury-limited rate of 10% (I live in California). I have seen posts in the past indicating that private money can be loaned at higher interest rates if the borrower is a company (we have an LLC).However, I have done a bit of searching online and I have been unable to find applicable california law that would corroborate this, other.

But if someone in California can easily open a savings. Germans are lucky to get 1% annual interest on a one-year fixed term euro account, around half the typical rate offered to Portuguese savers..

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Pursuant to California law, non-exempt lenders (the average individual) can charge a maximum of: (i) 10% interest per year (.8333% per month) for money, goods or things used primarily for personal, family or household purposes and (ii) for other types of loans (home improvement, home purchase, business purposes, etc.), the greater of 10% interest per year, or 5% plus the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s discount rate on the 25th day of the month preceding the earlier of the date the.

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State Usury Laws – maximum legal interest rates Every state has a usury limit (the maximum legal interest rate). When creating a loan agreement, make sure to check the usury limit for the state in which your loan is being made. Your loan’s interest rate should not exceed the state’s usury limit.

Therefore, interest charges on unpaid balances for goods or services are not subject to California’s usury laws. That all said individuals and small business should exert extreme caution if seeking to charge an interest rate of more than 10% per year on unpaid goods and/or invoices.

Now, a bill working its way through the state Legislature could boost that maximum to $7,500. while disrupting California’s increasingly expensive market for personal loans. Lenders commonly charge.

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For a loan secured by such collateral older than the current or previous model year, the maximum legal interest rate is 20%.for a second mortgage, the maximum legal interest rate is 18%. Virginia 12%

Even though most states set statutory limits on interest rates, they are not always enforceable because consumers frequently agree to rates higher than the limit.