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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has made mental health care treatment available to former service members with other-than-honorable (OTH) administrative discharges through two new programs. One service, initiated in 2017, is specifically focused on expanding access to assist former OTH service.

Types of military discharges: Honorable, General, Under Less than Honorable, Bad Conduct, Dishonorable, Dismissal, & Entry Level Separation.. In most cases, veterans who receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge cannot re-enlist in the Armed Forces or reserves, except under very rare.

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Q. I received an other-than-honorable discharge after a urinalysis came back hot. What can I do to convince a review board to upgrade my discharge? A. Getting a discharge upgrade – even under.

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an Other Than Honorable discharge to a General or a Honorable Discharge, or; a Bad Conduct Discharge issued after a Special Court-Martial to an Honorable, General, or Other than Honorable Discharge. Each branch of the military has its own DRB. Visit the appropriate DRB website for more information: Air Force (prior decisions only) Army, or; Navy.

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A discharge upgrade changes the "character of service" shown on your DD-214 discharge certificate.Today, most certificates show the "character of service" as either Honorable, General (Under Honorable Conditions), Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct or Dishonorable.

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of general VA benefit eligibility or VA health benefits eligibility specifically. In assessing whether such discharges were issued "under conditions other than dishonorable," VA must apply the standards set forth in . Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) 3.12. "Other than Honorable" Discharges – Special Health Care Rule

To receive a general discharge from the military, there has to be some form of nonjudicial punishment to correct unacceptable military behavior. A general military discharge is a form of administrative discharge. Other-Than-Honorable Conditions Discharge. The most severe type of military administrative discharge is other-than-honorable conditions.